Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wonder how old this writer is, because the whole piece stinks of the prevailing egregious failings of those who are [wilfully] ignorant of historical context, as Tim points out in his first paragraph. It seems that in all MSM there is an agreement to demonise ACT and NZ First (especiallyWinston Peters) and undermine the coalition at every chance. Facts? Goodness me no, not in this postmodern world. In both TV and written news no chance is lost to use hyperbole and purple prose to describe any coalition "chaos" on the slimmest of pretexts. Long may their revenue continue to sink.

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Much less concerned about the 'hodgepodge' than I am about the free speech fundamentals in this country. The coalition reeks of free speech-ism? Wonderful. About time.

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Great piece thank you sir.

What's truly worrisome about the "elite" or "the left" or whatever label we give people such as this Herald reporter, is that they seem to fundamentally misunderstand the liberal underpinnings of our Western society.

So many attempts are being made to make the disagreements of the new coalition government as MMP bugs, when really they are MMP features. I hope there is heated debate going on, between National / Act / NZ first and I hope it continues. It is through that crucible of fierce critique and debate that better decisions will hopefully come.

At the very least one can make a good argument that the Labour government with it's "great communicator" leader and members of parliament, all being on the same page, produced no better results then more fractious governments of the past. I would go considerably further and state that they gave NZ some of the worst results of any government in New Zealand's modern history.

During covid we observed a lack of debate, almost non-existent political opposition and a media that actively worked to supress debate and critique. The results were disastrous.

One only needs to look at the way debate was supressed around lockdowns. There is a wealth of data, including many hundreds of peer reviewed studies showing they are largely ineffective for respiratory diseases and this data existed when we entered all lockdowns. Yet debate and critique was so strongly supressed in this country that to this day, most New Zealanders have no idea that this data exists and that there might even be a debate to be had.

In German there exists a saying "beware the beginnings". We are in the beginnings of a repressive society where the over riding consideration is not to cause anyone any sort of offense, or "mental harm", where the media (with their communications degrees) hold communication up as some sort of leadership super power, and where any sort of dissenting view is simply given a derisive label and supressed into oblivion.

Baffling in the extreme that the "let them eat cake" media continues to blame it's failing relevance on the gullible lumpen masses rather than taking a good look at their disastrous performance since Trump/Brexit and especially during the dark covid years. These people will still be blaming us for their failures right up until the last copy of the Herald, rolls off the presses.

Thanks again.

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Dec 1, 2023·edited Dec 1, 2023

I find it strange that there's no attempt to understand the other side's views (eg anything during Covid that veered from the official narrative even slightly) before denouncing it. You'd probably get a better outcome if you attempted that but then again, you'd rapidly find both mis and disinformation has been weaponised as a label to just try and shut people up.

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