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They haven't asked for public input as DPMC have already run a survey on it to support this mis/disinfo resilience in 2022 via Ipsos, that shows the 'perceived' threat of misinformation is rising and people are worrying. I would say - hammer meet nail.


(I only cover Covid but I needed to look into this to put the work on Covid mis/disinfo in context and understand the landscape.)

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Your concerns in the last para: it has already begun. A prominent group disseminating health information and analysis of "official" pronouncements is experiencing email jamming and blocked access to their website - this seems to have begun this last week. I've been trying to log on to the website and read their posts but up pops a commercial spam filter. I would imagine that this particular group has been a real thorn in the side of the government, not to mention TDP, and has been in their sights for some time. I guess we've seen it coming but it still sends chills down my spine.

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