Wonderfully incisive analysis. The paranoid delusionals are dictating the narrative

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All of the disinformation industry globally are such arrogant and tiresome pseudoscientists.

I recall reading one of the disinformation projects "white papers". It had about 90 references and all except two or three were from articles in Stuff or the Herald or some other MSM publication.

This is the very definition of pseudoscience. In science you write up a paper for publication and you carefully reference all of the evidence that supports your conclusions and shows the reader where the data you are refering to comes from. You also clearly explain your methodology AND show your results.

The disinformation project dopes not show their results and their methodology is "surfing the internet to find stuff they don't like". As they don't have any data, the references are mostly just opinions (also without data) and they aren't chronicling how they have come to reach their conclusions they are simply making their "white papers" look "sciency". They present the cloak of science but underneath the cloak it's just three monkeys tapping randomly on a typewriter.

Imagive if you will, an analogue version of what the disinformation project do. They would cut out 70 newspaper clippings, pin them up on a wall and then highlight parts of the articles and use different coloured bits of string to connect the highlighted parts into a conspiracy to commit conspiracy theory.

And then they call us the conspiracy theorists!

This rubbish is everywhere. Climate change. Covid. Expecially the extremist trans movement. We actually changed a law in our country based on the mindless ramblings of a narcissistic little man child https://timhinchlif.substack.com/p/la-lal-land and then we gave him a young New Zealander of the year award.

It's hard not to feel we are a culture in severe decline.

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I would suggest that Hannah does indeed stand by that definition.

And why are we importing extremists like Daalder & Huttotowa (who was accused of harrassment and “misallocating” his NGO’s funds at his previous role in Sri Lanka)

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May 19·edited May 19

Yes...'cred shed'...it & they, all risible.

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I concur with your analysis. An additional concern is at no time did the program/commentors include progressive extremism as also being a source of disinformation. While I'm often accused of being obsessive IMHO, the absolutist application of well meaning idealism is undermining the stability of the open society. It is probably not coordinated conspiracies but opportunistic malign actors will be promoting such extremism.

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